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Picai - Smart camera AI Download for Android.


Download PicAI - Smart Camera AI Download for Android:

Hello friends! Are you tired of putting filters in your pictures manually? Even you put a manual filter well with search but the filter still does not appears well? Do you really want an app that scans the incoming items in the camera and gives you the best filter you? If you really want to find an app that automatically scan the item incoming in smartphone's camera and recommend for you the best filters, PicAI is an app in which you not need to find filters for your pictures Picai - Smart camera AI automatically scan the items incoming in the smartphone's camera while you taking or capturing the pictures and recommend the best filters which suits to your items or stuff appears in the camera. Here we have provided the downloading link of Picai - Smart camera AI for your android mobiles and devices at the bottom of this post.You can download the apk file of Picai - Smart camera from given link below.

Just pick one filter from Picai's AI recommendations!
With Picai's picture-perfect filter recommendations from analyzing your photos,
You can take amazing photos fast and easily with Picai!
After you get the Picai 1.1.6 apk file (, move it to your Android phone's SD card and then your file manager to browse, install & enjoy it.

Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc. Picai (com.hpcnt.picai) is the trademark of the developer All apk files on APK4Fun are only for home or personal use.


  • Object Recognition: Picai automatically analyzes and recognizes your photo using AI algorithms. Picai knows cover-worthy filters for your selfie, appetizing filters for food and perfect filters for your shot.

  • Filter Recommendation: Picai will show two optimum filters for the perfect shot from 100+ filters. Picai utilizes patented cutting-edge AI deep learning technology for your best moment.

  • Easy Selection: Pick one filter from Picai’s recommendations. Picai’s patented split-screen filter selection is unique compared to any other camera apps.

  • Essential Camera Features: We have essential features like timer, full-screen camera, silent mode for your photo of day.

  • ..Any shot is beautiful with Picai!

    Other Features:

    Version: 1.1.6
    File size: 72.68MB
    Requires: Android 6.0+
    Category: Photography
    Updated: May 29, 2018

     Download Here..

    Note: Download and save the apk file to your Android Phone's SD card and install it manually onto the Android device.
    If there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

    StopAd - Download latest version of StopAd for android


    Download  Latest Version Of StopAd For Android Devices:

    Hello guys, Are you upset or bother with the Ads that showing on your screen while you're browsing? Do you really want to get rid of such ads? If you really want to get rid of these ads, then this app will really very very useful for you guys to stop ads to show when you browsing. Guys here we have managed to share such application that really stops ads to show on your screen while you are browsing. Name of the app is StopAd that is attributed to its operations, and downloading link of this app is provided at the bottom of this post, you can download the apk file from given link below.

    StopAd is the ultimate ad blocker app for you phone. The app is not just available for android devices but also for your macOC, wnidows PC, iPhone anyone which supports android tv. 
    StopAd is special software that has been designed to remove pop up advertising from various types of web pages. This includes sponsored ads that tend to plague social media sites like Facebook, which promises to deliver a smoother and more satisfying web surfing experience.

    StopAds uses 3 types of approaches to block the ads. Unlike the other ad blocking applications, which works on predefined list to block the ads, StopAd app examine the each page and uses special rhythm to hide the ads for you.

    Interface of this app is very simple. When you open the app you will see how many ads this app has blocked till now and also show the data it has saved for you by blocking the ads to show on your screen.

    Features of StopAd: 

    • Stops all kinds of annoying ads, including banners, pop-ups, preloaded and auto play advertisements, as well as ads in games and applications
    • Works seamlessly on all browsers including Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Edge
    • Removes ads in games and applications 
    • Provides super-fast browsing
    • Provides usage statistics for the number of ads blocked and amount of data saved
    • Saves your battery, data, and money

    Additionally, StopAd protects your privacy and security by:

    • Blocking ad trackers
    • Stopping malicious and phishing websites 

    Plus, we guarantee fast, 24/7 support whenever you need it.

    Download from official page CLICK HERE

    Best Wallpaper app For Android - Video Wallpaper



    Best Wallpaper app For Android

    Hey guys,  Are you looking for the best wallpaper app for your android device?                               Have you ever tried such wallpaper app in which you can set videos on your screen as wallpaper? Then, if you are really want to set videos on your device's screen as wallpaper and searching for such application then you have come to accurate place here. Because here we have managed to share one of the most popular android wallpaper app called Video Wallpaper (Latest Version OF Video Wallpaper) for our android users. Downloading link of Video Wallpaper app is provided at the bottom of this post. You can download the latest version of apk file, of Video Wallpaper form given link below. Before going to download the latest version of Video Wallpaper app you might be interested to know its features.

    Description of Video Wallpaper

    Screenshot ImageBasically Video Wallpaper app is a wallpaper app but this wallpaper app is totally different from all other wallpaper applications. Because here in this app all the wallpapers you see in the app all wallpapers are taken from videos. When you set any of the wallpaper on your screen it looks like video playing on your phone. These wallpapers really looking fantastic when you set video on your screen wallpaper. Besides the these presented  wallpapers in the app you can also make your own video on your screen wallpaper. If you are thinking that the size of app would be heavy and drag the battery timing, then you're thinking wrong. Because size of the app is very light it does not takes too much storage space and do not steal the battery timing. 

    Create amazing live wallpapers from your favorite videos. Simple as that!

    How to Set Video Wallpaper?

    It is not a complicated process to set your own video as a wallpaper of your screen. Simply you just have to do, select the start button and click on the end point of a video so that only selected part of  that video will be played as the wallpaper on the screen. :)

    You have three very simple ways to set a video wallpaper:
    1. Directly launch the VideoWall app
    2. Long press on your home screen and select "Live Wallpaper -> Amazing VideoWall"
    3. From your gallery application, press to share your video and select VideoWall.


     Updated                                                 Size                                       Installs
    April 9, 2017                                           1.9M                                     1,000,000+

    Current Version                               Requires Android
    1.3.9                                                   4.1 and up


    FaceRig Latest Version Download for Android


    Download the latest version of FaceRig app for Android:

    Hello guys, here we have managed to share one of the most famous and awesome android app for your android devices called FaceRig. Downloading link of FaceRig (android app) is given at the end of this post. Users can download the apk file of FaceRig app from that given link. Before going to download the app you might be interested to go through some description and features about this app.
    Basically, FaceRig is a android software program that enabling anyone with a webcam to digitally embody, methodize or in simple words express awesome characters. It is meant to be an open creation platform so everybody can make their own characters, backgrounds or props and import them into FaceRig. 

    FaceRig Mobile gives users the possibility to embody fantastic full 3D avatars and use the amazing Live2D avatars developed in Japan. They can use masks, or more recently, import their 2D character and animate it using our app. With FaceRig Mobile you can also get creative with your messages! Record movies and share them to any social media network.

    Features Of FaceRig:

    • Real time facial animation: Anyone with a webcam can digitally embody awesome characters. It is meant to be an open creation platform so everybody can make their own characters, backgrounds or props and import them into FaceRig.
    • Fun and easy to use: Use FaceRig for your online chats, record vlogs or transform your party into a fun, freestyle impersonation show.
    • Instant digital cosplay: Webchat on Skype or Google Hangouts as our cool characters, with their diverse expressions.
    • Real time voice processing: You can tune your voice to be more like that of the character using real time pre processing.
    • Stunning render quality: Using physics simulations, particle effects complex and real-time lighting, everything is high quality.
    • Customize your own: You can design and share your own crazy or cool character. Our community is awesome!
    Besides the above mentioned features some other features of FaceRig you might be interested to know,
    • Full 3D avatars
    • Get rewards for daily log-ins
    • Unlock more than 40 incredibly realistic avatars
    • 20+ Face Masks for up to 5 users. Try them out with up to 5 friends.
    • RealTime FaceSwap with up to 5 different faces that can be swapped between each other.
    • 15 Free backgrounds to choose from.
    • Custom Live2D avatars. This feature gives 2D artists the chance to add their own art into FaceRig.
    • Record Videos and share them easily on social channels
    • Make Awesome digital cosplay #selfies
    • his app does require Google Play Games to be installed on your device and up to date
    • This app does not support custom ROMs
    • This app does require access to your device’s camera and microphone
    • This app does require access to the Internet
    • This app does have analytics to track events
    • This app does not collect personal information

    Xender - File Transfer & Share


    Download Xender APK File for Android:

    Hey guys, if you owns an android smart phone, you may have at-least one file sharing app. And if you are one, who really wants to transfer their files to somewhere else and happend the transfer process at the speed of light, then there is one file transferring android app that has risen to fame lately, is Xender - File Transfer & Share for all android devices. And here we have managed to share the latest version of  Xender - File Transfer & Share app for all android devices. We have provided the downloading link of Xender app at the bottom of this post. Users can download the apk file of  Xender - File Transfer & Share for all android devices from given link below. Before proceeding to download the apk file of Xender app you might be interested to know about features of Xender app.

    Features of Xender:

    • File Transfer Speed: Xender is known to have highest files transferring speed. Xender claims that its highest speed of transferring files can go as high as 40MB/s. However, let's not forget that the transfer speed depends on the Wi-Fi interference, the read-write speed of the device, and the distance between the nodes. Hence, you might not get a speed as high as claimed by the developers.

    • All Types of Files Supported: Xender supports majority of files types such as videos, pictures, music, apps and files like pdf and zip files. Apart from the mentioned, it supports a number of file formats such as .apk, .epub, .txt, .ebk, and the standard doc formats .doc or .ppt.

    •  Free of Network Connection: There is no need of cables, internet, data usage! User can transfer files to friends anywhere and anytime.

    • Multiple Device Sharing: This app support for multiple file sharing. Xender goes the conventional way of Web Share, where you can share files to connected devices by connecting them to a portable Wi-Fi network. An alternate way is to scan a given QR code.

    • Send large files without limitation: Sharing photos, music, videos, apps, documents and any other file types of unlimited file size.

    • Supports Cross Platform Transferring: Simplifies connections of phones & tablets & PC/Mac and supports you to share any files between Android, IOS and Windows operation systems.

    • Smart Phone Replication: Smart switch mobile data like contacts, SMS, pictures, music, videos, games and any other files from your old phone to the new one in one simple step.

    • File Manager: Enables to view, move or delete files you received and even to make a backup copy whenever you need to clean the phone storage.

    • Check Out Connected Friends’ Mobile Apps: Various applications from your friend’s phone will be introduced to your own phone when connected successfully and can be shared by a click once.

    • Friendly Design: Satisfy the users’ further operating needs with functions related to transferred files like: opening, installing, uninstalling, deleting, viewing etc.

    • Slide Pictures to Share: Smoothly share photos to your friends by sliding.
    Besides all of the above mentioned features one another feature what makes Xender interesting is that both the sender and receiver can see the apps, videos and music files on the other phone. This is a bit creepy if you ask me. If you would want to get some of the files or apps that your friend has on his or her phone, you can tap on the Get button beside the desired app.

    Download here...
    Download from Play Store CLICK HERE...

    Fooview download for android


    Download APK file of FooView for android:

    Hello guys, here we have managed to share a wonderful android app called Fooview for all android mobiles and tabs for free. If you're already searching for Fooview app for your device then you have come to right place here. We have provided the downloading link of Fooview app at the end of this post. Users can download the apk file of Fooview app from given link. Before proceeding to download the apk file of Fooview app you might be interested to go through the features of this app.

    Features Of Fooview:

    There are almost 20 features in on app which prevents you to install other app which saves your phones storage also. All the freatures in this app very usefull for android users. Interface of this app is very easy and simple. Here are some features of FooView app;
    • Regional Screen Record: This app allows you to record the screen directly. You can record the everything through this app.
    • Multi Screen Record: You can make a screenshot thurough this app. you can crop the screen or make full screenshoot.
    • Multi Shape Screenshot: Through this app you can also make a screenshot in multiple shapes like a circle shape, heart shape or star shape andother more shapes. 
    • Pinned apps or Shortcut: This app allows you to make a shortcuts of app which you have installed in your mobile. By making shortcuts you can easily access to your desired app. You can make a shortcut whatever you want like image, app, music or video.
    • Image Search: This feature of this app is really amazing. you can also the image through this app. If you have an image and want to know about this app you can easily search that image through this app.
    • Direct Send: If  you are using facebook or anything else in your device and want to share the image or text with your friends then you can easily send the image or text by just making a screenshot of the that thing which you want to share then just tab on the share button and share with your friends and family.
    • Copy Text: The another fantastic features of this app is that it can copy the text on screen easily and simply. You can also copy text in images.
    • Translate: Here you can easily translate any word or sentences through this app.
    • Create GIF files: If you want to make a GIF of some images then this app helps you to make a GIF of these images. You just need to select the images and create a GIF file.
    • Back Button: This feature of this app is really useful for those who's mobile's back button isn't working. You just need to swap right the Fooview icon then you can get back. Notification Bar: Just like right swap for to get back, if you swap down the notifications bar will open.
    • Browser: By swapping upwards the icon you can directly reach to browser.
    • File Manager: When you swapping up the Fooview icon you directly reach to file manger.
    • Player: This app also have a video or audio player.
    • Weather forecasting: You can also forecast weather by swapping up the icon.
    • Game.
    • News.
    • Remote manager.
    Fooview is really very useful app for android users. you can try this app by downloading the app form given link.


    Space Up - How To Compress Android App Size?


    Download latest version of Space Up for android:

    Hey guys!Are you frustrated with limited space storage of your smart phone? Are you unable to install more app in your device? Or you can't click more photos? If you are frustrated of all these issues then not need to be worry because here we have managed to share the latest version of Space Up android app in order to compress the size of apps in your android mobiles and tabs. The downloading link of Space Up is provided at the bottom of this post. Users can download the Space Up apk file from given link. This amazing app allows you to compress the size of app which steals more storage of your device. Before going to download the apk file of Space Up you might interested to know the features of this awesome app.

    The Description and Features of Space Up:

    Storage space issue is on of the most frustrated problems of android devices which users faces. Now a days, as we know phones typically come with at least 32GB of storage as standard, or perhaps 16GB if you've bought a budget model. But even that is easy enough to fill up when you get a bit too carried away with installing apps and taking photos and videos. Keeping these issues in mind, Space Up tech team have managed to share such an android application through this app users can get rid of phone storage problems. This amazing app helps you to compress the size of installed application. Users can compress the size of those application which steals your phone storage or those application which gets more space of your smart phone, upto 90% . Those application which have 90MB - 100MB can be compress upto 4MB or 5MB. You can increase your phones storage by compressing the installed apps.


    • Fully Compress Apps (up to 90-95%) which Increases & saves a hell lot of Storage Space
    • Compressed apps will NEVER be lost if you Uninstall our app also.
    • Apps remain INTACT as they were previous to Compression in your Phone Menu.
    • Gives you The Power to Compress Apps instead of Uninstalling Apps
    • Use Apps whenever you want from Phone Menu or Smart Folder.
    • Choose between Quick Compression & Advance Compression and Increase your Phone Storage Space
    • No need of Internet for using App just Uncompress it from Menu/Launcher.
    • Learn's which Apps you use for suggesting the best ones using a 'Super Advanced Algorithm'
    • Scans all Apps to find out the Least Used Apps
    • Also, figures out the best apps by which a lot of Storage Space is saved.
    • Gives you The Power to Compress Apps instead of Uninstalling Apps
    • Use Apps whenever you want from Phone Menu or Smart Folder
    • Choose between Quick Compression & Advance Compression and Increase your Phone Storage Space
    • No need of Internet for using App just Uncompress it from Menu/Launcher
    Also, figures out the best apps by which a lot of Storage Space is saved. Space Up Launcher (1 Tap Access Shortcut)
    It makes everything super accessible so it gives you power of Accessing all apps from 1 Tap Access folder.

    How To Use?

    First of all you need to download the app then install the app then open this app in your smart phone, this app scan your device and provide a list of installed app which you can compress the size and select the app which you want to compress. This app helps you to compress the size of app upto 90%.


    Updated                                                         Size
    April 24, 2018                                                11M

    Installs                                                          Current Version 
    100,000+                                                       1.40

    Requires Android                                        Offered By
    4.4 and up                                                      Stash Co

    Download from Play Store CLICK HERE

    DiskDigger android app download full version


    Download DiskDigger APK file for Android 

    Hello guys, here we are going to tell about one of the most popular and awesome android application called DiskDigger android app. If you have accidentally erase your pictures, photos, videos, mp3 files or other documents and want to save them again these files into your device memory then you should try DiskDigger android app. Downloading link of DiskDigger android app is provided at the bottom of this post users can download the apk file of DiskDigger android app from given link. Before proceeding to download the DiskDigger android app you might want to know about the app and its features.

    DiskDigger is such an android application through this application you can recover the data which is being deleted accidentally. This application helps you to recover photos, videos, audios and other important data which you have accidentally deleted. This app have very easy and simple interface. Users can recover the data in few seconds in very easy and simple method.

    How to Use?

    First of all download the latest version of DiskDigger android app from given link. Open the app in your device, when you open it, two options will appears on your device's screen,

    1. Start Basic Photo Scan
    2. Full Scan (Root required).
    Basic scan, in basic scan you not need to root your device. Through basic scan you can recover pictures only to your drive. If you want to get other files like MP4, MP3 and other documents then you have to root your device then you can get your erased data by full scan. And if your device is not rooted and want to get your erased data into your drive then you have to just click on the first option which appears on your screen START BASIC PHOTO SCAN, then DiskDigger android app will start to recover your deleted pictures, then select the photo which you want to save into your drive or internal memory of your device. After selecting a photo or photos RECOVER option will appears at to of screen, you just have to tab on the recover button then select the path or location such as online disk (google drive, gmail) or FTP server or custom phone's location. When you select the location selected photo will be recovered to that location.
    And furthermore if you want to recover other files then you have to root your device.

    Further Details About this version

    License                                            Op. System
    Free                                                  Android

    Requires Android                            Category
    4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2 and up                   File Management

    Language                                        Author
    English                                           Defiant Technologies
    Size                                                Downloads
    2.03MB                                          50,000,000+ (play store)
    Date                                               Signature (MD5)
    03.26.18                                        889ef5ba4411c86ee3e2650c7576f38f
    Package Name

    Download from google play store CLICK HERE
    Download 2.03MB  CLICK HERE

    DSLR Camera Professional - Android DSLR Camera


    Download DSLR Camera Professional Latest version for Android

    Hello Guys here we have managed to share the latest version of DSLR Camera Professional developed by PixeLatte, for all android devices (mobiles and tabs). If you are already searching for such app then you have come to a right place. Here we have provided the downloading link of DSLR Camera Professional is given at the bottom of this post. Users can download the latest version of DSLR Camera Professional form given link below. Before going to download the DSLR Camera Professional you might be intrested to to know about this app and its features.

    Description of DSLR Camera Professional:

    This new and awesome DSLR Camera Professional app turn your smart phone into a professional DSLR camera, with fully manual camera control on ISO, shutter speed, exposure, manual focus and other features like other professional DSLR camera, which can bring your mobile phone's camera into the the next level. This amazing camera app not only takes high quality pictures but also record video 4K UHD resolution.

    Featres of DSLR Camera Pro:

    1. Manual ISO.
    2. Manual focus
    3. Control shutter speed.
    4. Control exposure.
    5. Control white balance.
    6. Real-time filter/color effect.
    7. 4K camera recording (only supported on android version 5.0 or more)
    8. You can set video frame rate and bit rate.
    9. Intervalometer / burst camera mood (supported on Lite version).
    10. Geo-tagging (pro version).
    11. Photo stamping (pro version).
    12. Save to internal or external memory.

    DSLR Manual Camera key features:

    • Burst camera mode with configurable delay to create stop motion or create time lapse video.
    • Face detection / facial recognition.
    • Front back hd camera pro selection.
    • Professional camera HD features: Scenemode, focus mode, burst mode, color effects,white balance, and manual exposure lock,manual ISO.
    • Choose to and 4k video quality and resolution.
    • 4K camera recording (With optional audio recording) like professional camera hd.
    • Option to turn off the shutter sound.
    • GUI to change the orientation without any pause works in any direction.
    • Adjustable volume keys (image to zoom receive or change the exposure compensation) Excellent and fast camera / burst camera HD performance.
    • Remote control (optional audio countdown) timer (with configurable delay) automatic repeat mode.
    • Customable volume keys to perform quick operation like dslr camera.
    •  HD camera feature to adjust shutter speed
    •  Manual Focus like DSLR camera.
    • HD camera feature to choose manual ISO
    • Manual Exposure
    • Location targeting feature
    • Remove with multi-touch gesture and single-touch control.
    • Option to lock the photo or 4k video in portrait or landscape orientation.
    • 4K video recording on supported device, turn your phone into 4k camera
    • Realtime Photo Filter
    • Photo Grid: 4K camera line, golden ration line
    • Disable the shutter sound / silent camera mode when take photo or record 4k video optional GPS location tagging (geotagging), photos and videos; For photos that compass direction contains.
    • A date and time stamp on photos, location coordinates and implements a custom text.
    • (Some) external microphone support. Manual focusing distance; manual ISO/ iso manual camera; manual camera exposure lock, RAW (DNG) files on front back manual camera.
    • Manual ISO/ iso manual or just balance ISO (set iso manual).
    • Flash mode feature Brightness / exposure setting. Burst camera mode useful for creating time. lapse or stop motion which required interval shooting.
    • Unlock hone manual camera capability to record at 4k camera on supported devices.
    All complete features packaged in small compact size and clean interface, Download this professional camera hd and start record your 4k video. It is to be NOTED that to use all manual features you need that your phone's version must be 5.0 or more.

    Additional Information

    Updated                             Size                               Current Version
    9 May 2018                       2.4MB                           1.4D

    Offered By                       Developer
    PixeLatte                Privacy Policy Bandung City, Indonesia

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    Max Clean - Phone Booster Android app


    Download Max clean Phone Booster Android App

    Hello Guys, we are going to share share the latest version of new android app called Max Clean - Phone Booster Android app here offered by LISHIHAO. If you are already searching for such an app that can clean your phone, speed up phone, clean up junk, cool down CPU then you have come to a right place here. The downloading link of Max Clean - Phone Booster Android app is provided at the bottom of this post. Users can download the Max Clean - Phone Booster Android app from given link bellow. 


    Max Boost help you speed up phone, clean up junk, cool down CPU. Max Boost, Clean, CPU Cooler, a lighter android phone booster, a faster cleaner you deserve. The latest version of Max Clean - Phone Booster Android app helps you to get your phone a reliable optimizer. Start a better & faster phone life with MAX Clean. 

    Features of Max Clean - Phone Booster Android app

    • Phone Cleaner App:  Clean my android and free up space.
    • Speed Booster:  Speed up android device in one tap.
    • Power Cleaner for android: clear cache and cookies app.
    • Get More Space out of your device: Max Cleaner help to clean up space in all possible ways. With professional system cleaner and phone cleaner, battery saver, phone booster and ram cleaner, to boost phone speed and enjoy more space has never been easier.
    • Never so easy to use: With intuitive and simple interface, Max Cleaner make it extremely easy to deep clean your device. Remove junk, boost mobile phones, free up space… you could easily enjoy a lighter phone life by accessing to these features right from the main page. Become the real master of your device with our professional clean and boost mobile phones features!


    Updated                                      Size                            Installs
    9 May 2018                                11MB                         100,000+

    Current Version                         Requires Android
    1.0.3                                             4.1 and up

    Offered By                                  Developer

    Download from Play Store CLICK HERE

    9Apps apk for Android Devices


    Download 9Apps Apk file For Android:

      Here we have come with one of the most popular android app (alternative of google play store) now a days. If your android device is not supporting the google play store app or showing a problem to download an app that you need, or stealing much storage capacity from your smart phone, and you are already searching for a such app which could solve your problem, then you have come to right place here. Here we have managed to share an alternative android app market of Google Play Store is 9Apps . We have provided the downloading link of 9Apps at the end of this post. Before proceeding to download the 9Apps  for your android, you might be interested to know its features.

    What is 9Apps?

    9Apps has been a dedicated provider of Android related downloads since few years. Not only APK files of latest apps, 9Apps also have a large library of Free games and Android themes. You can just search for any type of service you want and 9Apps will show you all the apps on that category. Used by more than 5 million users worldwide, 9Apps is slowly gaining popularity as the best alternative to Google play Store. The main important categories are Entertainment, Sports, Games, Tools, Live Wallpaper and Educations apps.
    9Apps doesn’t install any app directly on your Android mobile like Play Store. It only provides APK files for free download that you have to install manually.

    Features Of 9Apps:

    • It is like a search engine in which one can search different Apps.
    • All Apps can be downloaded after searching by single click.
    • Any searched App can be downloaded by single click.
    • All Apps are displayed on screen , only thing required is to scroll the button in different directions to search the App or see different Apps available.
    • All Apps are available in 9 App as All in one App Store.
    • 9App can be downloaded in any desktop or android mobile/ tablets.
    • After downloading it appears as an icon on the screen.
    • In 9Apps all Apps present are displayed in icon forms with the capacity they need in mobile or desktop to be downloaded.
    • One can download any number of Apps but daily 3 Apps will displayed in each category.
    • New 3 Apps will be under each category and old will not be displayed.
    • So each day one can see new Apps and can download ,to get them permanently in the mobile or desktop.
    • New Apps will be available to all subcategories also such as Games , Sports , Movies and many more to list with.

    Additional Information:

    Minimum Requirement: Android 4.0 and up.
    Publisher: 9Apps
    Operating System: Android
    License: Free
    File Size: 3.4 MB
    File Type: .apk

    Download here..
    Try out the another app market for your android device AC Market  Mobogenie Market ..

    BIGO LIVE Download APK for Android


    Download BIGO LIVE APK File For Android:

    Hello, Are you searching for the best live streaming app? If your say YES!! then you have come to a right place here. Here we have managed to share the latest version of BIGO LIVE APK File For Android. The downloading is provided at the end of this post, users can download the BIGO LIVE APK file for their android mobile or tablet from given link below. The BIGO LIVE App is designed and developed specifically for such users who already looking for live streaming app. BIGO LIVE App lets you to live broadcast your best moments of life with friends and family. 

    BIGO LIVE Description:

    BIGO LIVE is one of the most famous live video streaming social network now a days. The latest version of BIGO LIVE app lets you to connect with people through live videos. You can follow hundreds of people and channels, and discover a whole new world of possibilities. From live video streaming to real-time interaction, BIGO allows you to watch live videos, broadcast your life moments, video chat with your friends and make new friends globally. Now, BIGO LIVE has reached to 200 million users around the world.

    Features of BIGO LIVE:

    Bigo Live is an extraordinary application designed and developed for the purpose of live broadcasting on various Android devices. The users can easily commence live streaming with their friends through Bigo Live for Android. One can engage with other people when dancing, eating food, watching movies, playing and a lot more activities using the Bigo Live app. Using the Bigo Live app, one can interact with their friends and beloved ones in the real-time. Besides this BIGO LIVE has some other excellent features:

    • Watch Live Streams:  Another excellent feature available on Bigo Live application is the ability to watch the live streaming videos with much ease. The users of this application can go through the exceptional realm via the best live videos. One can easily explore the broadcast live videos through location or search for them through topic-wise.

    • Multi-Guest Live Group Video Chat: In the recent times, the developers at Bigo Live app have designed and added this latest feature. The new feature provides the ability for the users to join multi-guest live group video chat conversations with much ease. Using the multi-guest room, the users can easily communicate with other people like friends, family members, colleagues and a lot more. You can carry out the communication with your friends in groups and know what others are chatting in the group conversations. It would add great fun to the people using the Bigo Live app.

    • Go Live:  One of the impressive features of Bigo Live app is that it lets the users sing, dance, eat, communicate and a lot more in life. You can go live at any moment in your life just by using your smart gadget. You can let your best pals to know every single moment of you through the live broadcast streaming application.

    • Real-time Interaction Another best feature of Bigo Live app is the ability to interact with others in real time. The users of this app can easily communicate with the broadcasters by sending gifts. Moreover, the users can easily join the live video stream with Bigo Live app.

    • Gameplay Streaming:  Using the Bigo Live application, the users can watch their desired games. Apart from watching them, the users can even exhibit their gameplay and encounter the game players like you across the world. This enables the users to play their preferred games with other co-players anywhere anytime right from their device.

    • Guest Live:  The users of this application have the ability to invite their friends so as to co-host their show.

    • Enhances Creativity:  The Bigo Live application will enhance the creativity of the user in their life. You can improve your skills and discover the best vlogs based on your desire.

    • Transform Gifts into Real Money:  The users of Bigo Live application can easily exchange the gifts to cash without much effort. It is pretty much simple to exchange the beans in this app and make them into real cash. Using the live broadcast videos, the users can earn money and relish.

    • Find Nearby People:  Through the Bigo Live application, the users can discover the interesting people across the world. This can be possible through nearby live streaming and short videos. The users of this app can interact with the nearby people and make them friends.
    Download from Google Play Store Click Here


    Fabby Photo Editor For Android


    Download Fabby Photo Editor Latest Version For Android

    Hello, here we have managed to share the latest version of Fabby Photo Editor apk file to download for our android users .Android Users can download the latest version of  Fabby Photo Editor apk file from here. To download the latest version of Fabby Photo Editor apk file, link is provided below. This is an awesome and trending app now a days to edit photos, change photo background, color touching, and many more. So get this new and awesome app for your selfie every time. you can use more than 2 billion designer style collection from here. There are hundreds of masks, backgrounds, makeup designs and other creative effects are available to use. Users can download the app from given link bellow;  

    Before going to download the Fabby Photo Editor it would be better to go through its features;


    HAIR COLORING & MAKEUP: In this app there is available, The AI-powered technology identifies different parts of your selfies and intelligently applies hairstyle & makeover effects.

    DIGITAL BEAUTIFICATION: In this app with the smart & natural auto-beautifying function, you will get perfect smooth skin, bright eyes, and white teeth.

    BLUR: Add a background blur effect so that it looks like you're using an expensive camera.

    AI-POWERED: Let the app randomly select effects from an unlimited base of designs and intelligently apply them to your selfies.

    LIMITLESS DESIGN CONTENT: We bet you will never spin through the entire collection.

    FULL-SCREEN camera mode for SnapChat & Instagram stories: a new look each day.

    Turn your selfies into a professionally designed portrait!

    Additional Information:

    Updated:                     February 14, 2018
    Installs:                        1,000,000 - 5,000,000
    Current Version:          3.2.9
    Requires Android:       5.0 and up

    Download from Google Play, Click Here